Dealing with insurance companies

Thank you for stopping and taking time to look at my website. Whether you have damages to your vehicle that need to be repaired or would like to freshen up the look of your vehicle with some repairs or even a color change, we have you covered.

My goal is to dispute the commonly believed idea that the dealer is the best place to do damage repair to your vehicle. I take pride in doing quality work and ensuring my customers are comfortable with the entire repair process from the quote to the final results of the repair.

When you submit your claim to the insurance company, they will determine how much they are willing to pay for repairs regardless of where you bring your vehicle. They will not pay more or less money based on where your vehicle is repaired. Keep in mind a few things when deciding where to go for repairs.

1. You have the right to decide where your vehicle is repaired. The insurance company can recommend places but they can not demand that you go anywhere in particular. The final decision is yours.

2. Do not be intimidated by the insurance company on picking a body shop from their list. This list is not necessarily high-quality body shops. Most, if not all the body shops on the list are there because they have agreed to give the insurance company substantial discounts in returns for large volumes of referrals. Now we've gotten into quantity versus quality. This puts the body shop and the insurance company on the same side. They both have a vested interest. The body shop wants to please the insurance company by doing work quickly and cheaply for them. The body shops  DO want to make sure you're happy, but you come last on that list. 

  At Blankenship's Auto Body, I have a different philosophy. I work for you not the insurance company. I'm not concerned with how long the insurance company will have to pay for a rental while your vehicle is being repaired, I care about the quality of repair done to your vehicle while it's in my shop. Your referral to your friends and family is the way I advertise and I know this can only be achieved by making sure you are extremely satisfied with the repairs on your vehicle.

3. You absolutely don't need to get multiple estimates. Regardless of what prices are quoted on your estimates, the insurance company will decide how much they are willing to pay for the repairs.  However, getting estimates allows you to get a feel for the shops and who will be working on your vehicle so the process of speaking with different shops can be handy for your own information.